...during the NAACP's St. Louis Convention, a passionate and determined youth delegate, Juanita E. Jackson,

challenged the leadership of the Association to create a department that focused on the growing concerns of

black youth in America. Through her intelligent leadership, the National Board of Directors passed a resolution creating the

NAACP Youth & College Division and named Ms. Jackson its first Youth Secretary in March of 1936.


Today, it is evident that the NAACP is an organization that has developed many powerful, intelligent, young people who are destined to change the world. Our young people must embrace the urgency and dedication exhibited by those same young people in 1936. 

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does; keep going." 

- Sam Levenson

Amari Fennoy


State Conference Youth and College Division

Amari is an alumna of Spelman College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She served the Spelman Chapter of the NAACP as the Political Action Chair and two-term President. Under her leadership the following awards have been earned: The National Membership Laydown Award 2018, the 2019 Chairman’s Trophy for the highest membership increase from 2018-2019, and 2019 Lucile Black Award for the highest total membership production.

Amari has received several honors such as the 2019 Organizer of the Year Award and 2029 Reverend Dr. Amos Brown Activism Award. Her hard work and dedication led her to represent the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at the 2019 Women’s March in

Washington, D.C.
Amari has worked tirelessly as a social justice advocate, mentor, and a powerful voice within the Georgia Youth and College Division. The work

Amari is seeking to do with the NAACP will only propel her work in the pursuit of equity within marginalized communities. Amari has a heart for the work that she does, and her passion goes far beyond catering to the state of Georgia. She brings many leadership strengths to the NAACP organization and the community around her.

Dekevion Buchanon

1st Vice President

State Conference Youth and College Division

Dekevion Buchanan is a senior studying Political Science and Business with a concentration in Pre-Law at the University of West Georgia. He has goals of using his future degree to make a change in the judicial system as a State Court Judge.


     If he had to sum up his life in three words, those would be

     compassionate, determined, and ambitious.


Dekevion truly believes that, “There are two types of people in this world. Those who point out that a change needs to happen and those that actually get out to make that change occur.”

Jayden Williams

2nd Vice President

State Conference Youth and College Division

Tomorrow is not a promise; now is the time to work; it is the driving philosophy of Jayden Williams, a “Generation Now-Leader.”

As a hands-on community advocate, Jayden decided to respond to the call of leadership after observing the injustices and disparities in his community, school, and social media. Jayden chooses not to settle, yet instead, speaks out and takes a stand. He began working to educate others and impact the communities to change some of the inequalities so frequently highlighted in the media. Now is the time to lead and create opportunities for positive inclusive progression.

He is the Chartered President of the Henry County NAACP Youth Council, Chair for the Youth Leaders of Henry, Chairman of the City of Stockbridge Youth Council, Dutchtown SGA Representative, Praise Leader at Global Impact Church, Founder/CEO of Royals Clothing, and Founder of the JW Foundation Pushing youth engagement in the community!

Jayden is a certified Motivational Speaker and is well-trained in customer service skills, leadership dynamics, and community service. Jayden believes that you can achieve whatever you desire if you put efforts. He has received the following awards: National Public Speaker Award, Henry County NAACP Youth President Award, Principal’s A-B Honor Roll certificate since the 2nd Grade, Young & Gifted 2020 award, GMA Creativity Award, Strategic and Leadership Award, and Freedom Fighter Award.


Sam Levenson once said “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does; keep going."  That quote is what keeps Jayden flowing. 

Dallas Armstrong


State Conference Youth and College Division

Dallas Armstrong is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Valdosta State University. He is active with the NAACP on campus serving as the Secretary for the Valdosta State Collegiate Chapter, as well as the State Secretary for the Youth and College Division in Georgia.

Tyran McKnight


State Conference Youth and College Division

Tyran McKnight is the President of the NAACP at the University of West Georgia, where he is a graduating senior majoring in Business Management, and the Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Tyran is also the Treasurer for the State Youth Council for the Georgia NAACP.


He has been a part of the Georgia NAACP for three years and, "it has been the greatest decision I have made since attending college. This organization has molded me into a great leader and I will take everything I’ve learned and apply it to life post graduation."


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