Georgia NAACP Addresses the Misinformation of Republican Endorsements by State President


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ATLANTA, GA - It is imperative at this moment to address the allegations of candidates who are using the Georgia NAACP to market Black votes for their personal political campaigns. There was a mailer sent to the residents of Gwinnett County with a picture and quote of Rev. James Woodall in his official capacity as State President of the Georgia NAACP by State Representative Chuck Efstration.

The statement was not authorized for use on this campaign mailer. Georgia NAACP does not endorse any candidates.

Rev. Woodall’s official statement:

I acknowledge that there are concerns that I have endorsed Republican candidates for office, more specifically Kelly Loeffler for U.S. Senate, Karen Handel for U.S. Congress, and Chuck Efstration for Georgia State Representative. Let the record reflect that I have NOT endorsed any of these individuals. A statement that shows appreciation for the work of an elected official, while working with us on issues that improve our communities, is not the same as an endorsement and should not be misinterpreted as such.

Additionally, it is libelous to suggest that I have offered an endorsement to ANY candidate for public office - whether as an individual or within my official capacity. Using the NAACP’s brand and/or likeness as a means toward a partisan end is antithetical to what we stand for as an organization and will not be supported.

During my tenure, I’ve committed to operating according to this guiding ethic in relation to politics: “no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interest - and that’s the liberation of all people.” I will continue to advocate for the issues that matter most to our constituents - the people of Georgia and hold elected officials accountable.

As we get closer to this election, fact-check now more than ever - especially in a season where misinformation has become an accepted norm in political discourse. Let us rise above this and commit ourselves to acts of integrity and truth-telling.


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