Georgia NAACP Calls for the Immediate Resignation of APD Chief Erika Shields


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ATLANTA— Georgia woke up to disturbing videos and reports of Rayshard Brooks being killed by an officer of the Atlanta Police Department. At this time, we must address the oversaturated police presence in Georgia’s Black communities. This is not the first time a Black man was killed for sleeping. We saw a similar situation with the murder of DeAundre Phillips. 

While Atlanta is often referred to as the so-called “Black Mecca,” the Atlanta Police Department has a history of antagonizing our Black communities. The City of Atlanta must address this not only with their words but also with their actions and budgetary decisions. 

Chief Erika Shields has failed to hold the six officers fully accountable that were involved in the violent taser attack on the two AUC students Saturday, May 30, 2020. She believes criminally charging the officers was a “political” move made by District Attorney Paul Howard, NOT because of the clearly shown evidence which revealed excessive use of force from their body cameras.

One of the officers charged, William Sauls, has an open case with Fulton County for the murder of a 26-year-old Tuskegee student-athlete, who was also an unarmed Black man, named Jamarion Robinson in 2016. Robinson was shot 76 times and Sauls was the officer that dragged his body down the stairs—left to bleed out for 8-hours without calling for any medical assistanceAmber Jackson was body slammed by an Atlanta Police officer while handcuffed. She still suffers today from a broken clavicle and is unable to perform work as a dental hygienist. The case has been under investigation at the office of Professional Standards. On June 12, 2020, another unarmed Black man was shot and killed at a Wendy’s by the APD, who was just sleeping in their car. The GBI is now investigating the case. 

This uprising has been a result of the inabilities of elected officials to ensure proper judgment necessary to arrest, indict, and convict officers who repeatedly murder innocent, unarmed Black bodies.  The Atlanta Police Department continues to terrorize protestors and murder unarmed Black bodies. It’s time for new leadership and a change of policing culture. Stand with us and call for her immediate resignation. 

We have also started a petition to demand Chief Erika Shields to resign, here


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