Equitable dispensation of Justice for all

Disproportionate incarceration, racially motivated policing strategies, and racially biased, discriminatory, and mandatory minimum sentencing will end. Incarceration will be greatly reduced and communities will be safer. The death penalty will be abolished at the state and federal level, as well as in the military


Litigation Docket

Through the National  Office of General Counsel, the Georgia NAACP maintains an active docket of Civil Rights cases, frequently in conjunction with a team of cooperating lawyers around the nation who work daily in the courts alongside the Legal Department to address Civil Rights violations and forge the way in the fight to prevent the erosion of Civil Rights law in this country.


Below is a list of selected NAACP Civil Rights cases for the last few years:

  1. 2016-  Georgia NAACP and GALEO et al v.  Gwinnett County Board of Commissioner et al, U.S. District Court, ND, Case No 1:16-mi-99999 UNA

  2. 2016- Georgia NAACP et al v.  Emanuel County Board of Commissioner et al, U.S. District Court, SD, Case No 6:16-CV021-JRH-GRS

  3. 2015 - Common Cause and Georgia NAACP  v. Brian Kemp, individually and in his official capacity as Secretary of State of the State of Georgia, U.S. District Court, ND, Case No 1:16-CV-452-TCB

  4. 2015 - Georgia NAACP et al v.  Hancock County Board or Elections and Registration et al, U.S. District Court, MD, Case No 5:15-CV 424 -CAR

  5. 2014 - Third Sector Development, Inc., NAACP, Georgia NAACP v.  Brain Kemp et al, Superior Court of Fulton County, Case No 2014CV252546

  6. 2012 - Georgia NAACP, et al. v. Fayette County Board of Commissioners, et al., U.S. District Court, ND,  Case No. 3:11-cv-00123-TCB (Settled in favor of District Based Voting)


Amicus Briefs

The NAACP is frequently asked to submit Amicus Briefs in civil rights cases, regarding a number of varied legal issues. Many of these issues go directly to the heart of the NAACP's mission and work. Below is a partial list of significant Amicus Briefs the NAACP has filed over the last two years.


The NAACP is constantly filing Amicus Briefs and updating its Amicus Site. Visit this site frequently if you would like to know whether the NAACP has spoken to the Courts regarding an issue important to you. Amicus Briefs Archives


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