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Functioning Units

In order to remain in good standing and to be able to fully advocate on behalf of the NAACP in your community, your unit must be compliant with our national standards. A Unit is required to: 

  • Maintain a minimum number of members.

  • Pay all annual assessments.

  • File all year-end reports as required by the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • A Unit must also maintain good standing with its State/State-Area Conference by:

  1. Filing annual year-end reports.

  2. Paying all State/State-Area Conference assessments.


Non-Functioning Unit 

  • Failure to hold monthly meetings (per Article V, Section 1).

  • No functioning Standing Committees, the work of the NAACP is accomplished through its committees (a standing committee shall have no less than 3 members and meet monthly, per Article V, Section 7).

  • Failure to attend State/State-Area Conference Quarterly meetings (per Article I, Section 2[d]).

  • Failure to provide quarterly written reports, (per Article X, Section 1).


NAACP Units: Assessments 

  • National Assessments  - Units are required to pay the Unit Freedom Fund and other assessments to the National Office within 90 calendar days before the Annual National Convention.

    • A Branch is required to disburse 25% of the net proceeds of each contribution, entertainment, or fundraising effort by a Unit (with certain exceptions) are to be disbursed to the National Office. 

    • A Branch is required to disburse only 15% of its net proceeds of the above contributions for the succeeding year if it increases its membership by 35% from the previous calendar year. Written notice must first be received from the National Office that your unit increased it’s membership.  A financial report of all entertainment, contributions, and fundraising activities is to be rendered to the Unit, the National Office (within 45 days following the event), and the public. 

  • State/State-Area Conference Assessments - Whenever the Unit is within the jurisdiction of a State/State-Area Conference, the Unit assessment shall be paid into the treasury of the State/State-Area Conference within 60 calendar days of the annual State/State-Area Conference Convention.

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