Join us in being the change you know we need, by using your power to take action on one of the most pressing issues of our time, in this fierce urgency of now.

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If immediate assistance is needed because you are experiencing homelessness or on the verge of homelessness, please email For more information, visit DCA’s Homeless and Special Needs Housing.​


833-827-RENT -


tenant's right's group - 404-226-8081


Michael Murphy 404.791.0207 @mmm4more


To find your state legislator in your area:


Victoria Pinell (404) 604 – 4548


Community Restoration Project: https://www.communityrestorationproje...


Down Payment Asst:

Down Payment Asst:

Devin Marks:

Stacey Hopkins -


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GEORGIA ACT - Help us to continue our work to safeguard housing affordability for all Georgians. Support Georgia ACT with your financial donation, volunteer, and if you are not a member, join Georgia ACT today!  Call Georgia ACT at (404) 586-0740 or


THE State Housing Committee's Helping Overcome Marginalized Evictions, H.O.M.E. Taskforce, works to fulfill the duties of the NAACP housing committee, in ensuring fair access and treatment, fair representation, address discrimination and support housing for all.



The H.O.M.E. Taskforce is comprised of members across the state helping with identifying resources, faith support, policy development, tenant/landlord intervention and meditation, and legal redress. 

The State Conference NAACP Housing Committee now undergirded with Atty. Martina Tiku, a National Housing Navigator, is the bridge to reinforce know your rights education, financial assistance resources and connect legal services. Ms. Tiku is our go to for resources connectivity for renters and homeowners alike facing evictions unto homelessness.

Our state NAACP District Coordinators are the support defense to local units and critical for  connecting with community. 

Further, our people-to-people bridge serves to integrate peer liaisons from the local unit and community, garnering a heart to hand care support, for application assistance, peer to peer support, court assistance, and life management insights.

Upcoming Activities

Taking Stock of Metro Atlanta's Affordable Housing Priorities

Wednesday, March 2, 2022| 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. |

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Apply for rental assistance. All eligible Georgia residents may apply for rental assistance through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Visit


Georgia Counties & Cities Help Us Help You - Share Your Local Housing Issues & Actions Today!!


The NAACP Georgia State Conference Housing Committee recognizes March as National Social Work Month and hails the 2022 theme of, "The Time is Right for Social Work."  The NAACP Georgia State Conference Housing Committee's H.O.M.E Taskforce Team encourages students and community members to consider your power as a Social worker to impact the lives of students and families. Find out how at

The Problem:  Eviction and foreclosures were heightened during the COVID-19 Crisis.

History dictates, the NAACP is armed with legal and activism undergirding to assist communities, in reaching those in need and advocating for effective policy.

Enter the H.O.M.E. Taskforce by State Conference President Barbara Pierce, to answer the call of the community.

A critical component of the eviction task force is providing community members with information about their rights and resources. This will be done through:

●  Know-Your-Rights Trainings

●  Housing Clinics

●  Financial Assistance Application Clinics

HUD Homepage


Georgia Counties & Cities

Help Us Help You - Share Your Local Housing Issues & Actions Today!!



Georgia and America may think we're back to work, yet continually overlooking the fact, we're increasingly crossing the threshold of a major unsheltered crisis. Thus, the new PANDEMIC is Housing!! While they were not looking and we were trying to stop the bleeding, both legs broke, and now we're needing to replace the band-aids with surgery. This time however, we need more than just to put-a-pin-in-it. 

Right representation is key and citizen engagement is what will unlock the minds from those merely facilitating, to actualized service delivery in guiding effective best practices measures for stable housing. 


Join us in being the change you know we need, by using your power to take action on one of the most pressing issues of our time, in this fierce urgency of now.


The Georgia General Assembly 2022 session is rounding the corner to crossover day March 14th, when the bills that have not passed from one chamber to the other dies. We must support those bills that address housing needs and will impact housing servicing and opportunities. Senator Gail Davenport will present her Down Payment Assistance Bill, SB 491 at our February 19th State Housing Clinic. Know who represents you at My Voter Page now, 



·       HB 408 (Cooper): Would require landlords to provide written notice to tenants to depart (not just verbal) and create a seven-day period for the tenant to pay overdue rent or cure other defect before the landlord could file for an eviction. Assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. House Second Reading.

·       HB 713 (Dempsey): Would divert state and federal funds for sheltering homeless persons into creation of sanctioned parking lots, encampments, or short-term cabins and require locales to enforce anti-sleeping and anti-camping bans as a condition of receiving funds to serve homeless persons.  Assigned to House Public Safety Committee. House Second Readers.

·       HB 1355 (Dempsey): Childhood Lead Exposure Control Act updates and strengthens testing and abatement standards to address and reduce the incidence of childhood lead poisoning from deteriorating lead paint inside and outside rental homes, schools and daycare centers, and other causes. Assigned to House Health and Human Services Committee. House Second Reading.

·       HB 911 (Ralston): FY 2023 Budget includes these items to address housing and homelessness:


o   Increase funds for state Housing Voucher Program serving people with severe and persistent mental illness - $1.38 Million

o   Fund State Housing Trust Fund for Homeless - $3.2 Million (unchanged)

o   Increase funds to Commission on Equal Opportunity Fair Housing Division for two investigators and one intake officer to manage fair housing complaints - $186,000

o   Need House and Senate to add: $1.8 Million to the Department of Public Health for specialized staff and equipment to perform enhanced lead hazard testing and abatement, implementing HB 1355.

The Georgia NAACP coordinates the work of the various Units and stimulates the participates ambitions throught joint workshops, cultural enrichment activities, and fundraising endeavors.  


For more information on Georgia HOUSING contact

Sharon J. Hill