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This lists your most "Frequently Asked Questions" and provides complete answers. As always feel free to either reach us by phone at (404) 577-8977, or by email at info@naacpga.org.

Q: Where is the State Conference Office located?

A: Effective December 2013, the Georgia NAACP Office will be located at 100 Edgewood Ave, SE, Suite 1610, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.  Prior to this move, the NAACP was located on 3rd Floor of the 970 Building, 970 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., SW near the historic Atlanta University Center. The Building know as the “Doctor’s Building” was dedicated in 1970 by Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of NAACP.

Q: Who is the State Conference President?

A: The Georgia State Conference NAACP President is Rev. Dr. Francys Johnson.   Rev. Dr. Francys Johnson was duly elected  to succeed Mr. Edward O. DuBose on October 5, 2013 at the State Convention and Civil Rights Conference in Columbus, Georgia.  Mr. Dubose served from October 8, 2005 - October 5, 2013 succeeding Mr. Walter C. Butler, Jr. (1993-2005). To Learn more about the State Conference President.

Q: How can I file a legal complaint?

A: The Georgia State Conference Legal Redress Committee appreciates your complaint. However, due to the volume of complaints received, the Legal Redress Committee may not be able to personally respond to each complaint it receives. Therefore, we will keep your complaint on file. Your complaint does not create an attorney client relationship. Submission of a complaint does not mean that the NAACP has accepted your case, and you should consult an attorney regarding your case, as soon as possible, as there are certain filing deadlines that must be adhered to in order to file a case in court.

Know that your complaint is important to us and we will evaluate your complaint in our continuing effort to ensure the political social and economic equality of all citizens, in accordance with the NAACP's mission. Click Here to File a Complaint

You may also wish to visit our resource page, which contains contact information for various federal and state agencies and other civil rights advocacy that may be able to assist you. If you have further questions, please email Attorney Renata Newbill-Jallow, State Legal Redress Chairperson at legalredress@naacpga.org.

Q: How can I join the NAACP?

A: Thank you for considering joining the Nation’s largest and oldest Civil Rights Organizations. Please visit our membership page that has information on all levels of membership.

Q: When are the regular meetings of the State Conference?

A: The General Membership of the State Conference meets on the fourth Saturday in January, April, and July, at 10:00am. Check the Calendar link for locations as it is subject to change.

Q: Where is the Annual State Convention, and how is the location chosen?

A: The 73rd Annual State Convention & Civil Rights Conference was be held Thursday through Saturday, October 8 - 10, 2013 at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Our Theme: “Towards a Just Society" The sites are determined by the delegates of the State Convention. Please visit this link for more information in this year's Convention.

Q: How do I contact the National NAACP office?

A: (866) 63-NAACP or by mail at 4805 Mt. Hope Dr. Baltimore, MD 21215.

2001 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Suite 307, Atlanta, Georgia 30310

E: office@naacpga.org | T: 404.577.8977 | F: 404.577.4593

Visit us Online at www.naacpga.org

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