Georgia NAACP Alerted of False Messages Circulating About White Militia Targeting Black Males


Crystal Greer /

We have received information about messages reportedly from NAACP that white nationalist, neo-Nazis, and white supremacist groups have initiations happening this weekend and warning Georgians about this threat. This information is false and not credible.

"We are calling on all Georgians to remain calm as election results surface throughout the week. We are getting numerous reports of misinformation that is being used to invoke fear in our communities as a distraction to our huge success in Black voter participation," said Rev. James Woodall, State President of Georgia NAACP.

"The counting process is going to take some time, but we will not let misinformation nor any other attempt at intimidation distract us. We remain thankful for our diligent election workers that are working around the clock to #CountEveryVote,” concludes Rev. Woodall.


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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has had an unbroken presence in Georgia since 1917. The Georgia NAACP maintains a network of units throughout Georgia, from cities to small rural counties. The Georgia NAACP has been the most effective and consistent advocate for African American civil rights in Georgia. You can read more about the Georgia NAACP’s work and mission at

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