Georgia NAACP Issues Statement on Ahmaud Arbery's Case to be Presented in Glynn County Grand Jury


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ATLANTA, GA— Georgia NAACP State President, Rev. James Woodall made the following statement in regards to Liberty County-based District Attorney Tom Durden’s plans, addressed today, to move this case to a Grand Jury in Glynn County for criminal charges against Ahmaud’s murderers, Travis and Gregory McMichael.

“We are grateful to see D.A. Tom Durden announce his intention to convene a Grand Jury in this case. However, we will not rest until the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery are behind bars.

We also demand that District Attorneys Jackie Johnson of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and George Barnhill of the Waycross Judicial Circuit resign, effective immediately. They’re inaction in this case has led to the swift mismanagement of the judicial process and has further harmed the trust of the Brunswick community.

The fact that the McMichaels have yet to be arrested in this matter is evidence enough for what we all know to be true - justice for all is just not specific enough. We will continue to work with the family and community leaders to remove these two from their office and ensure justice is served.”

The pandemic has led to a delay in this process and has caused an even more emotional strain on the family. Durden has made comments that he will push this case to the next available Grand Jury as soon as the State Judicial Emergency is lifted on June 12th.

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