Georgia NAACP Joins NAACP Appling County, NAACP Brunswick, Activists and Friends of Ahmaud Arbery

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Georgia NAACP Joins NAACP Appling County, NAACP Brunswick, NAACP Atlanta, Activists and Friends of Ahmaud Arbery to Amplify the Removal of D.A. Jackie Johnson and Sheriff Mark Melton



Sheila Bowen, Communications Associate /

Baxley, GA ––– The Appling County NAACP is calling for the removal of Sheriff Mark Melton and the termination of District Attorney Jackie Johnson as a result in the wrongful death of Kelsey Rayner, who was denied medical attention for a ruptured colon on the floor of a jail cell. This is another cold death, like being shot three times with a shotgun for simply jogging down the street. A grim reminder, both Ahmaud Arbery and Kelsey Rayner lived within the judicial circuits of D.A. Jackie Johnson. With the tragedy of Ahmaud’s case being covered-up for three months – shocking the world, the small community of Appling County had been fighting for a painful three years to uncover the case of Kelsey Rayner.

The community seeks new leadership after years of terror and neglect. NAACP Appling County is making sure residents are registered and ready to vote to replace District Attorney Jackie Johnson and Sheriff Mark Melton. Johnson also serves in Camden County, Glynn County, Jeff Davis County, and Wayne County. NAACP leaders across Georgia and members of the I Run With Ahmaud team have come together to increase awareness around the urgency of the removal of D.A. Jackie Johnson and Sheriff Mark Melton, a critical action necessary to put an end to the systemic racism that continues to terrorize Black lives in the rural South.

Georgia NAACP declared a State of Emergency on August 12, including a list of demands from JustGeorgia, a coalition formed following the death of Ahmaud Abery. Such demands include: the call for the immediate resignation of District Attorney Jackie Johnson following an overwhelming 56 cases that involve African Americans losing their lives due to police brutality, racial terrorism, and dehumanizing violence.

More details on Kelsey Rayner’s death and petition for justice to sign is here.

Who: The event is organized by the NAACP Appling County Branch. The speakers at the event are as listed: 

James Woodall, Georgia NAACP State President 

John Perry, NAACP Brunswick President 

Alfred Abramson, NAACP Appling Branch President

Gerry Moore, Vice President 

Telly Rayner, Brother of Kelsey Rayner 

Jason Vaughn, 223 Foundation

Gerald Griggs, Vice President of NAACP Atlanta Branch 

Kimberly Smith, Activist

Michael Holiday, Activist

What: The march is a call of action to elicit justice for the wrongful death of Kelsey Rayner. Rayner passed away in jail after having a fever and complaining of intense pain but was denied medical assistance for no reason. Later, it was discovered that his colon had ruptured and he died of infection. A civil suit is being filed against the sheriff’s office for criminal negligence. 

When: Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020

Where: The march will commence beginning at the Appling County Courthouse and will end at the Appling County Sheriff’s office. 

Appling County Courthouse

36 S Main St.

Baxley, GA 31513

Appling County Sheriff

560 Barnes St.

Baxley, GA 31513


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