Georgia NAACP Respond to State Representative David Clark’s Comments About Original 33

Updated: Mar 30

Georgia lawmaker compares getting booted from the House floor, because he refused to get tested for COVID-19, to elected Black Representatives.


Tequeria Barrett /

Atlanta, GA - As the Georgia General Assembly has convened for its annual legislative session amidst COVID-19 challenges, State Representative David Clarke (R-Dacula) has continually refused to abide by the COVID testing protocol in place by both chambers. As a result, he was asked to leave and was barred from returning until he followed the policy.

Once removed, State Representative David Clarke “compared his removal to when 33 Black lawmakers were expelled from the chamber post-Civil War for their skin color,” and further referenced Speaker Ralston as a “dictator.”

His selfish actions not only placed every state legislator, Capitol staffer, Capitol police and other legislative personnel in danger, but his comparison to the “Original 33” is a painful reminder of the continued disparity that the current healthcare crisis continues to have on the Black community and how history has often been distorted to embolden racists.

“[Original 33] were expelled because they were Negroes while those in power were racists. [David Clark] was expelled because he wouldn’t take a d*mn COVID test in the middle of a pandemic,” said Rev. James Woodall, State President of the Georgia NAACP. “The only similarity between the two is that racists without masks were in power,” he concluded.

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