Georgia NAACP Renews Opposition to Hate Crimes Bill After Reports of Attacks on Protesters

ATLANTA | Georgia witnessed two specific incidents of violence that was targeted toward Black and Brown protesters last night.

The first was a white man who grabbed a gun out of his trunk and then attempted to run off over Black protesters. The second was another protestor who was shot in the leg outside of a Wendys where #RayshardBrooks was murdered and then kicked by a police officer.

While both of these instances happened in the City of Atlanta, the Georgia NAACP refuses to sit idly by while the Lieutenant Governor and Senate Republicans chides the value of our lives by creating a false narrative that prioritizes law enforcement and first responders over the people.

“This is a literal endorsement of state-sponsored dehumanization of black people. This truly cannot be a good faith attempt to save Georgian lives,” says Rev. James Woodall, State President of the Georgia NAACP.

Despite them already having the protections, this action is a direct assault on the pain of Black and Brown life here in this state. Again: you can choose your profession. You cannot choose to be Black.

We call on everyone to oppose the current version of SB 426 with the law enforcement addition. It is disrespectful to Georgians who are trying to live their lives peacefully while practicing their first amendment rights.

Call and email your State Senator TODAY and urge them to remove the added language or vote NO.

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